Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Update on fires 1516h 23 October

Ergon-Long property and Whipbird Drive

Northern extremity of fire has reached the far side northern side of Whipbird Drive [see Google Earth screen shot in earlier post] and is progressing towards the Esk Hampton Road.

Backburning of Ergon Lot 1 progressing vigourously.

According to Peter Ralph (Ravensbourne/Perserverance Rural Fire Brigade First Officer), via James Walcroft, a large fire is heading towardsThree Mile Rd., Crow's Nest, from the National Park.

All firefighting units at Cressbrook have have redeployed to Crow's Nest.

Sandy Creek Road

No new information available apart from a RFS/QPWS control centre being set up at junction of Sandy Creek Road and Fords Road.  I'll try for an update later.  If anyone has any solid information that needs to be made known to others in the area please feel free to send me an email (see email list message with this information, including my email address).

Southern Wallers Road / Vinegar Hill area

The fire front does not appear to have changed substantially apart from moving further east (against the wind, which continues to be strongly East and Southeast, and is forecast to remain the same into tomorrow), and to the north up the main Lilydale Creek valley.

QPWS will review the situation again this evening and again in the morning, with a view to doing a back burn late tomorrow, unless an unexpected change in the situation necessitates an earlier start.

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