Fire Danger and Weather

Fire Danger Ratings

For a Southeast Queensland Fire Danger Rating that is updated daily at 7am by the Rural Fire Service, click here.  This shows Fire Danger maps for today and the next three days for all regional areas in Queensland.  The Lockyer Valley Region is part of the Southeast Coast Region.  Be aware that this is a regional forecast and the fire danger in the Lockyer could well be different and often higher than the regional average.

The Fire Danger Ratings are actually issued by the Bureau of Meteorology.  You can see the BOM FDRs here along with the time when they were last updated.

See what the Fire Danger Ratings mean here.

Fire Bans

To check whether there is a fire ban in your Local Government Area click here


Today's Gatton Weather Forecast (

Current Gatton Weather Conditions (Temperature, Dew Point, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Highest Wind Gusts, Wind Direction, Rain Since 9.00am, from

Gatton Weather Forecast and Current Conditions (Forecast: Temperature and likelihood of Rain at different periods in the day, Current: Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Highest Gusts, Wind Direction, Rain Since 9.00am, from Bureau of Meteorology) - with a six-days-ahead forecast.

Gatton more detailed four-day weather forecast  (from BOM)

Southeast Coast Weather Forecast and Fire Danger Rating for the region

How to read BOM rainfall predictions (it's not what you think):

when it comes to bushfires, we are all neighbours