Saturday, August 24, 2013

New look to the daily Fire Danger Rating clip

I've finally found a way to put the boundary of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council area on the clip of the daily Fire Danger Rating.

The boundary is actually in the large, state-wide pdf of the Fire Danger Rating, but only appears when the image is enlarged then manipulated to reduce the number of Kb I have to upload. It's there, but too faint, so I manually trace it each day using Skitch (finally found a use for that program) which is the reason it will look slightly different from day to day.

Before I get emails about the location of Gatton, that's how it is on the original.  If you need to locate Gatton accurately, it is actually on the same east-west line, but directly below the "w" shape in the northern boundary of the LVRC area.  However the Fire Danger Rating maps are not so fine grained that the small error matters in terms of knowing your local FDR.

Thanks to the Rural Fire Service IT section for confirming that the faint lines in the FDR pdf correspond to the LVRC area boundary.

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