Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Smoke Sightings in Week to 11 Sept

The fire season is hotting up, if you'll forgive the pun.

Three reports of "unknown" smoke, and several notifications of intention to light up a permitted burn (the latter were reported on this blog and to smoke spotters by email).

8 Sept
GS spotted smoke at 8.41am on bearing 41 true.  Fire went out by 9.12am.  No further action.

9 Sept
GC spotted large column of smoke from Warrego Highway (behind the southernmost ridge of the Helidon Hills), intermittently dying down.
KP unable to see from her location.
GS reported no smoke from HH area.
Smoke dissipated.  No further action.

11 Sept.
1.10pm HN spotted smoke on bearing 62 true, smoke over a wide front but concentrated at that bearing.
1.20pm  KP reported bearing of 113 true.
These bearings put the fire in bushland to east of Gatton Esk Road and between Balaam Hill Road and Quarry Road.
Rural Fire site (see the Rural Fire Locations tab above) has a report of a fire in Wotan/Woton Road at Churchable, within about 2km of the intersection of our bearings - probably the same fire.  Not bad for one bearing over a 17km distance and the other over 12km, in bad smoke haze conditions, and enough to get the fire trucks to the fire quickly if this had been required.
No further action.

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